How to choose the right Latex Mattress Topper in Singapore?

On the top of your existing mattress topper, there is a thick layer of latex. Latex aims to bring life to the old, worn-out mattress, thus giving comfort and support to the overall body. Latex is made in natural material, which is taken from the natural rubber tree.

Mainly two types of natural latex are available in the Singapore market; Talalay offers better firmness and is good in contouring. At the same time, the Dunlop offers abounding features and is slightly cheap in the price of the two.

What to look for in a Latex mattress topper?

You need to look for specific features and things for selecting the right mattress topper for your bed. You need to check for the following:

  • Density: The ultimate firmness of the mattress can be determined with the help of its density. If you or any family member is heavyweight, you need to have a mattress topper with a higher density. The one with more density can provide the required back support and comfort to the body muscles. The measuring scale for mattress density is PCF, i.e., pounds per cubic foot, and range from 7 PCF to somewhat 5 PCF
  • The Thickness of the Mattress: The thickness of the latex topper mattress range from one to three inches. This makes it pretty thick. It is pertinent to mention that thickness doesn’t indicate the entire support system of the mattress. It all depends upon the distribution of the weight and the personal preference of the users.
  • The Process Type: When you search for the type of latex mattress topper in Singapore, two names you will hear would be “Talalay” and “Dunlop.” The process involves the conversion of liquid latex in the form of foam latex. The Dunlop type is said to be more in density when compared with the Talalay type latex mattress topper.

When you plan to buy a mattress, you need to check the density first. It is preferable to buy the one with an average thickness of 1 to 3 inches. The thicker the topper of the latex mattress is, the better its support would be to the overall body. On the other hand, you can go for the slightly thinner form of latex topper in case of any refreshing plan.

You can get better support in the form of more firmness and plushness with a latex mattress. It means more pressure and a better night’s sleep. The temperature of the mattress is also kept cool, and it has the hypoallergenic feature as well. The option works well when you do not plan to buy or go for a new mattress. Instead, you only want to lift the existing one a bit.

Compared with memory form, latex type offers better buoyancy support to the body when you sit on it. On the other hand, memory foam seems as if you are shrinking into it when sitting on the form. The feature makes latex a more breathable and cool form than the other types available in the market.