Why is a Custom Built Mattress a Better Option for You?

Buying a new mattress is not an easy task. There are many specifics that need to be accounted for which suits one’s body, sleeping pattern and general needs. Looking for a mattress that suits perfectly and adheres to all the mentioned criteria is like looking for a needle in a haystack. People are built differently, they weigh differently, and sleep differently so not all standard sizes and types can suit everyone.

If one goes for a mattress that doesn’t conform all the diversities of a person than there is a chance that they can develop health problems that may be lifelong. Most people in Singapore suffer from chronic and acute pains of the back and neck that a fundamentally associated to their choice of bedding and the cure also is related to it. Read more about Sofzsleep’s customized mattresses and how to design yours here.

Customized Mattresses; Perfect choice for Couples

Now, many mattresses can be customized to the diverse needs of the buyer. They can be of a certain height, thickness, choice of material etc. this is especially for those couples who sleep together on one bed. Around 99% of the time their comfort differs from the other such as if one like a padded bed than the other might like a firmer one. Like almost all things the choice of mattresses cannot be compromised upon since health is at stake that sooner or later will require a solution to be sorted.

Finding best companies in the customized mattresses category

The companies that make such tailor made goods require the buyer to first fill out a questionnaire about their particular requirements, height, weight, any health concerns, age, body dimensions such as the hip to waist ratio etc. then they recommend materials that would best suit the body type. For people who are prone to having allergic reactions, this may be the best choice because they have the freedom to choose such types that are more natural and eco-friendly.

Then according to the information provided by the buyer all the pieces are put together to design a comfortable assortment of a mattress and delivered to the address provided. It also comes with a trial period and during this time any adjustments and improvements if required, are made in a timely fashion.

Some of these tailor made mattresses have a feature of further customization by the owner in the event of an injury or body change such as in the time of pregnancy. The zipper can be removed from the top and according to a guide, can be altered by the user.

Opting for mattresses that are long lasting

More people are opting to get a custom built mattress because usually the standard ones in stores do not fully adhere to the particular requirements of a body and secondly because in a ten years’ time, mattress is a one-time investment. So people prefer to have one that will stay with them for a long time.

In Singapore, many companies have added a customary built of beds and mattresses, looking at this trend and has successfully created many satisfied customers. This is especially true for those buyers who have bed associated back and neck pains.