How to complement your current home theme with wallpaper and what to choose?

How to complement your current home theme with wallpaper and what to choose?

Wallpapers are all about patterns and textures. However, choosing the right pattern or texture to complement current themes at home can be quite a challenge. We might be inspired to add in the touch of wallpapers onto our walls, but have been a bit skeptical about it because it will require some eyes good for design to build another theme of patterns and textures upon the old ones. For example, our living room has already been equipped with the comfortable textured armchair, or its heavy wood-framed windows, or painted with bright or warm colors that might not agree with the choice of the wallpaper. In our dining area, the dining table is made of rustic wood with its beautiful texture and pattern, while the color of plaster ceiling cannot be left unconsidered before choosing the complementary wallpaper.

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All these elements of patterns and textures, paint colors and lightings, need to be delicately and artfully balanced with each other, so that the wallpaper does not change our home into a hotchpotch of failed interior design attempt. The following article by Brian D. Coleman at Arts and Crafts Homes shares some ideas on how to complement the look of a room the right way with wallpaper.

If your wall is beyond basic colors, go contrast to avoid the mundane

Color and pattern in the Victorian era were layered together for a textured palette that nonetheless was balanced to the eye, says 19th-century wallpaper guru John Burrows. Tastemakers didn’t shy away from strong and contrasting color schemes, “scientifically” basing their choices on the color wheel. Read more here!

So, worry not even if your wall has been painted in strong, bright or warm colors all this while. This is because, playing with color scheme, you can always take the above advice and choose to apply the contrast principle instead of repainting the wall again to fit the color of your new wallpaper. What is important is your courage to defy the ordinary.

Moreover, you can even consider playing with more than one color of wallpapers by adding stripes or narrow bands, if you are someone who loves to experiment. Your room can turn into that dreamy world of patterns and textures as if it was taken out of an interior deco magazine. This richness of opportunities provided by hanging wallpapers on our walls are non-exhaustible, and cannot be replaced by painting our walls alone. All are now left to our own creativity and adventure, so be skeptical no more! Let’s read about another element of decorating with wallpaper by Anuja Abraham at Houzz.

It is not the color alone that you can play with, but consider the textures too

But there are other alternatives out there you know! Wallpapers are making headway with bolder, vibrant prints and newer textures. With innovations in materials, wallpapers are now available in an array of surface textures, such as cork, metallic, faux suede and faux grasscloth. Read more here!


Definitely! This is another excitement altogether. As if choosing the color of wallpapers is not enough, we are given more options to think about its textures, too. However, we must remember that for each type of texture, the positive and negative side to it do exist. So, before deciding on the texture that we want for our walls, we must fully comprehend both our aesthetic and practical needs.

For example, a velvet wallpaper can perfectly project the ambience that we wish to create for a specific area in our house, but somehow that area will be the most commonly used by our active growing kids. At this juncture, we must weigh in everything. Maybe velvet wallpaper is not that suitable for now, but the vinyl one which is easy to clean would be a good potential to avoid headache later on. An article at Better Homes & Gardens shares more tips on what to consider when looking for wallpapers.

Amount of light can influence the effect that we want

In a north-facing room, dark hallway, or windowless space, look for wallcoverings that will reflect light around the room, such as patterns with light colors and those with metallic or iridescent inks. Also consider patterns with smooth surfaces, which reflect maximum light. Read more here!

Most homes have an overly lighted space or an area with too little light that leave the owners’ wondering how can the area be rearranged or given an additional touch so to make the home becomes livelier. To our advantage, these overly lighted or low lit spaces, can be enhanced with the help of rightly chosen wallpapers. For dark spaces, we can play with light reflections allowed by metallic finishing on certain wallpapers, adding shimmer and shine to the unless drab room. While for rooms with too much sunshine, dark color wallpapers can balance the heat and make the rooms feel much cooler.

As a conclusion, using wallpapers can greatly complement the original theme of our homes. While it is very human to seek some changes from the ordinary and to find newness from the routine and the mundane, doing some uplift to our spaces by adding the touch of wallpapers can be an adventurous task. The range of options we have are very broad and do not easily be taken aback by the possibilities.