Myths related to prostate cancer and HIFU

Prostate cancer is one disease that affects millions of men all over the world and there are many myths surrounding the treatment, HIFU and other factors related to this disease. High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is one of the methods you can treat prostate cancer and it is medically effective as well as much more safer. HIFU uses ultrasound waves to focus on one particular tissue of the body making it the focal point and creates heat to treat it. The rest of the tissues remain unaffected and the heat is a safe and clean sort of energy that doesn’t harm one’s body. This treatment has been FDA approved and you can opt for hifu treatment Singapore to get the latest and most advanced form of non-surgical treatment for your prostate cancer.

One such clinic is IYAC Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Centre. They offer HIFU treatment, and their doctors will advise you on how to follow up after your treatment, be is avoiding exposure to the sun or avoiding skin products. At IYAC, they will also ensure your session is pain-tolerable. Hence, you should consider  IYAC HIFU Singapore if you intend to do such a treatment.

There have been myths surrounding the use of this treatment to cure prostate cancer and they have been addressed below:

All prostate cancer needs similar treatment

This is an incorrect assumption for doctors to make as there are various types of prostate cancers in men and different ways to treat them. Most men prefer their prostate out while others will refuse surgery altogether. It is up to the doctor to analyse the patient’s data and ask them what medical treatment they are most comfortable with. HIFU, in fact, is considered ideal for all those patients who want a high quality of life, non painful treatment as well as minimal side effects.

Treatment always results in impotence

There is a wrong idea that the treatment of prostate cancer can lead to impotence for men. This may be true for some surgical treatments that can lead to erectile dysfunction and urinary problems for some but in the case of HIFU treatment only the part that is diseased is treated. The other areas of the man’s body like the rectum, bladder, neurovascular bundles and external urinary sphincter remain unaffected by this HIFU treatment. If this is performed by an experienced medical professional, the man may also be able to perform to his utmost sexual range and also maintain normal urinary function.

HIFU is an experimental treatment that has not been approved

HIFU is a highly recommended medical treatment that has been approved by the FDA and has been used to treat prostate cancer in Europe since 1995. If you have this disease, HIFU treatment is a safe and good option for you as it does not cost as much as surgery and is also less painful. But you need to get a checkup done to first see whether you qualify for HIFU treatment and then can go about the process.