Understanding Chronic Back Pain and Choosing a Mattress to Treat it

A good night sleep that lasts between 8 to 9 hours every day is fundamental to ensuring a good health. The functions of all parts of the body are supported and rejuvenated during sleep. Also for overall good health and mental stability it is important to have a proper sleep at night. However, for those people who suffer from back pains, this is hard to come by.

The choice of mattress also plays a major role in alleviating back pains and stopping them from developing as well. Many good companies now manufacture such types of mattresses that are comfortable for people who suffer from back pains and help cure them but every person is diverse in their needs and requirements so it is always recommended that they test the product out before finally deciding to buy it.

Causes of Chronic Back Pain

There are many reasons why people suffer from chronic back pains and usually there is trauma or accidents behind them. For others, incorrect postures for long periods of time also make them vulnerable for developing back pains. And some of the other common causes are:

  • Slipping or falling on the back or having an accident that may result in the car or someplace else.
  • Lifting huge and heavy objects without support.
  • Lifting objects with an incorrect posture.
  • Sometimes there are injuries that repeat in the same pattern on the same place in the back.
  • Doing the same work over a prolonged amount of time.
  • Sitting down in the same posture over prolonged amount of time.
  • And finally, choosing a mattress that does not suit the back.

The best mattress suited for any person should have comfort, with an equal amount of softness and density. The mattresses therefore with medium firmness levels are usually the best suited for those who suffer from back pains. In addition to this it is also vital to see which posture one sleeps in during the night and if that posture is supported by the mattress or not.

Advice for Choosing a Mattress for Your Back

Look out for mattresses that support your back with the right amount of firmness. Your back should feel complete support and it should be even. The best mattress for back pain should have a combination of latex and foam as it provides comfort and relief. In addition to this both latex and memory foam have the ability of giving an elastic feel that conforms to the body, not too much as to give the effect of a hug but just right. The pressure from these materials is distributed evenly over the body not just the back, thereby supporting the head, hip and heels along with the back obviously.

It is also known to be made with breathable materials making it more hygienic and ideal for those who have allergic reactions. The latex in the mattress is a natural material known for its density and breathability and combined with memory foam that folds along the contours of the body, the overall effect is very comfortable and relieving for pains. Therefore, this mattress is a must have for patients of chronic back pains.